I Met a Guy . . . and Other Things You Can Only Discuss with Your Sistergirlfriends is about all the random things women discuss with each other when the men and children are not around. It’s like a girls night out on paper! It is inspiring women everywhere to reach out to their sistergirlfriends and feed their friendship! Go to the Vee Shop page to order!

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In her comedic debut release, Vee is telling it like it is and leaving the boundaries behind, because even if we don't want to, we still may have to deal with things such as miscarriages, divorces, and periods. Regardless of where you are on your sisterhoodship journey, grab your drink, some food, and stretch out. It's time to discuss sex, waist trainers, and bras, with your favorite SisterGirlfriend.

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Enjoy the rhyme, reason, and realness of Vee’s mind here in her personal blog.  Her transparency, humor, and relatability are sure to connect with you and resonate in one way or another.

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