Hey Vee . . .

"Imma stay in my JOY . . . God said I could!"

Valencia Joy

is the daughter of the King and mother of two young Kings.  She believes in family, friendship, true soul connections, and love.  As a conversation enthusiast, she promotes healthy dialogue regarding relationships in every opportunity she is afforded.  She has a relationship column on Facebook, where she posts questions twice a week.  She hosts HeyVeeTV, an internet show for women.  Valencia is also the founder of HeySis – a women’s empowerment group.  She is committed to creating safe spaces for broken women to heal and for healed women to help.
A lover of arts, music, and entertainment, her passion for writing has remained constant.  She truly connects with her audience through her pen, which has opened many doors.  She is a published author, I Met a Guy and Other Things You Can Only Discuss with Your Sistergirlfriends is her debut book.

Valencia added screenwriter to her repertoire, as she co-wrote, co-produced, c0-directed, and co-starred in a soon-to-be released web series.  Live Love and Lies follows five sistergirlfriends as they navigate through life, love, and of course, lies.  Check here to view a few quarantine shorts from the show and also keep up with its debut!

Valencia is a daydreamer, a lover, empathetic, and intuitive.  She is the definition of her name: strong womangreat pleasure or happiness.  She lives by her mantra, “Imma Stay in My Joy . . . God said I Could.”  She has a BA in Journalism/ Communication from Notre Dame College.


HeyVee TV

Visit her Youtube channel, HeyVee TV for stimulating conversation, gut-bursting laughter, advice, and transparent authenticity like only Vee can!

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Hey Sis!  This is a place where sisters meet and girl talk happens.  All of us have things we have overcome, and things we need to get over.  All of us have problems and pains.  We also have joys and triumphs. So get comfy, relax and let’s talk about growing into and embracing the women GOD created us to be, where He has us, where He is taking us, and how He is using us. 

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