Yesterday, my alarm was set for 6:15 am. My plan was to get up, have a quick workout, then start my day. Instead, my phone rang at 5:50 am and irritation set in like a you know what! I was livid. I think I grumbled bad words. 

And my day went on from there. I did not work out. I forgot my lunch. My coffee stayed in a constant state of lukewarm. I kept heating it up, then would get so busy, that by the time I got a chance to sip…lukewarm. I feel the same way God feels about that! LOL! In the afternoon I had to drive 45 minutes to my son’s wrestling tournament. I stopped at a fast-food spot, which I have been vehemently avoiding, because I was beyond hungry. I sat on a hard bench for hours watching wrestling, then drove home, picked up dinner for my youngest dropped him off at home, raced to pick oldest up from work. All in all, it was a day for misfortunes, poor planning, and greasy burps. 

Today my alarm rang on time, no disruptions beforehand. I didn’t work out, but I did spend time with God. I didn’t have a cup of coffee because I’m trying to cut back. I did have a cup of hot water with lime juice. I know…it sounds disgusting. But it’s supposed to have positive healthy benefits, so we shall see. This evening, after all my travels, planning, meetings, and another wrestling match, I will go home and take a hot shower. I will peruse my wigs, perched nicely on their stands, and determine which one I want to wear, based on which one coordinates nicely with the outfit I have already picked out in my head. I’ll play in my make-up and pick out the perfect accessories. Im a fan for big earrings and 1000 bangles up my arm. I’ll pick the perfect heel, high enough for sex appeal, but low enough to navigate whatever snow the northeast Ohio weather offers. Because I feel like a little effort, I will even throw on some spanx. 

My mother has always said that when you look better, you feel better. And I’m in need of some feel better. 

I’ll prance to my car and drive to some swanky restaurant. I know the food will be delish. I know my drink will be refreshing, fruity and delightful. But the part about this whole experience will be my squeals when I see my girls. Girls Night Out!!

These moments in time just do it for me. I’m a single mom and an entrepreneur. That alone should give you a glimpse into how busy I am. But I am also a friend. And my Sistergirlfriendhsips should not be neglected. Time and energy is nourishment to any relationship. And I’m in need of nourishment. 

I can’t wait to sit with my girls and talk, laugh way too loud, share and probably overshare (if you know me personally, it’s a thing) and cheers to a good life. I want to hear about the men that they’re dating and tell me them all about my online dating app experiences. If you just rolled your eyes, I might invite you to the next GNO, because I always roll mine too. I want to high-five their wins and share my own. And I want to give space for the losses, the hurt, the disappointments, should there be any. 

It’s not just a chance to go out and unwind. It’s so much more. Its healing and therapeutic. I’m a woman who honors the sacred space that feminine energy sits in. I believe in cultivating these Sistergirlfriendhips, and more importantly the Sistergirlfriends. And if a Girls Night Out is how we choose to do it tonight, well…so be it! 

When is the last time you spent quality time with the women in your life? Your true friends? If it’s been a while, or ever, consider planning something soon. Galentines Day is just around the corner (2/13/22). That’s a great place to start. Its literally a day to love on your friends. 


Your Favorite Sistergirlfriend Authoress

Valencia Joy 

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